Buy a one-year subscription to Australian Yoga Journal and receive a $50 Gift Card from Yogi Peace Club. One Year subscription $69.

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An offer too good to pass up…

Now you can get Yoga Journal for a year and some beautiful yoga wear, mats, and props from the wonderful world of Yoga Peace Club. Stay connected and grounded for the next 12 months with Australia’s favourite Yoga magazine. Keep up to date and stay inspired to practice. It’s a small commitment that can bring such a large return in terms of happiness, health and inner peace.


PLUS you get $50 toward…

Whatever your yoga needs. A mat, perhaps? Or some yogawear. Or maybe some accessories. Yogi Peace Club offer a vast array of yoga gear and you can rest assured it’s all made with your health and the Earth’s in mind.



When will my gift card arrive?

All new subscribers’ email address will be passed to Yoga Peace Club daily. They will contact you with your gift card. Meanwhile, you can head over to YPC and start to plan your shopping.

When will my magazines arrive?

The first post co-vid print issue has just been sent, so you first magazine will arrive in about 6 weeks, then every two months after that for the year.