Should I wear a Yoga Mask during class?

Posted by Alison Cole on



As Covid continues to grip the world, we need to ensure our own safety at all times, and especially when we decide to head back to our local Yoga Studio. Many people will be faced with the decision to wear a mask or not? Deciding what face mask to wear is important for the comfort of your practice and for your own safety. There are three types of face masks to consider.

  1. Surgical masks, fit loosely and can move around during practice. Will protect you from splashes and larger particles.
  2. P2 Facemask, while considered the best option for protection against Covid 19 they are not recommended to wear while doing physical activity as they can obstruct your breathing
  3. Cloth mask – our pick J These are the best option for people doing physical activities as they are soft enough to withstand the moment. While they are not the best option for blocking Covid19, if they are worn when exercising, keeping safe distancing, they will be your best option for your practice during Covid.


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